Good Coffee Deserves A Nice Cup

Hi and welcome, I am Morten, living in Denmark north of Copenhagen.

I have spend +10 years in the coffee business in marketing and commercial roles across northern Europe, and must admit that I am not an expert in tastings.

I have come to recognize that a skilled barista can turn an average coffee blend into a great tasting coffee - baristas make a difference.

Brewing methods also has a big impact: A poor brewing method can spoil even the best blend.

So while I have never been good at tasting various blends, I have come to believe that the brewing method has bigger impact on the final cup and taste than the blends. I am personally into Espressos, and... I'm not a big fan of French Press.

I love to travel with my family and also get to travel with my day-job, where I work in the intersection between commercial excellence and leadership in the branded consumer goods industry.

Doing reviews of coffee cups... how it started

After strolling the beautiful streets of Firenze (I) for half a day, my family and I sat down at one of the nice plazas to enjoy... a cup of coffee.

And we got anything but a regular cup of coffee.

My double espresso was served in a very beautiful cup leading us us to discuss what became the beginning of Coffee Cup Review:

This would not have been the same, if served in a regular cup or paper cup.

My coffee arrived in the iconic Julius Meinl red and black cups which none of us had seen before.

Hey, let's do a blog with reviews of coffee cups.

Yearh, good idea...

...Coffee Cup Review was born.


Now, dive into the world of coffee cups.

I hope you enjoy, and if you want to reach out to me you can email me at



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