Good Coffee Deserves A Nice Cup

Honestly: I am not very good at coffee tasting

I'm Morten, living in Denmark north of Copenhagen.

I have spend +10 years in the coffee business in marketing and commercial roles across northern Europe, and must admit that I am not an expert in tastings.

One of my key learnings has been that a great barista can turn an average blend into a great cup, and a poor brewing method can spoil even the best blend.

So while I have never been good at tasting various blends, I have come to believe that the brewing method has bigger impact on the final cup and taste than the blends. I am personally into Espressos, and... I'm not a big fan of French Press.

I love to travel with my family and also get to travel with my day-job, where I work in the intersection between commercial development, commercial excellence and leadership in the branded consumer goods industry.

How it started

After strolling the beautiful streets of Firenze (I) for half a day, my family and I sat down at one of the nice plazas to enjoy... a cup of coffee.

And we got anything but a regular cup of coffee.

My double espresso was served in a very beautiful cup leading us us to discuss what became the beginning of Coffee Cup Review:

This would not have been the same, if served in a regular cup or paper cup.

My coffee arrived in the iconic Julius Meinl red and black cups which none of us had seen before.

Hey, let's do a blog with reviews of coffee cups.

Yearh, good idea...

...Coffee Cup Review was born.


Now, dive into the world of coffee cups.

I hope you enjoy, and if you want to reach out to me you can email me at



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