Julius Meinl

Double Espresso

A surprisingly large cup for a double espresso, and very rare to see an espresso served in a cup opening up towards the top. Despite the large surface, the crema layer was well kept when served.

The destinct red colour on the outside mixed with a pure white on the inside brings the coffee nicely in focus, and the black handle adds an element of strength and power to the whole experience.


Oversized compared to many others, and it makes it a good experience to hold. No risk of burning your fingers on the surface of the cup.


The size of the cup leaves no painful areas on the exterior where your fingers are burned.


The porcelain surface feels really smooth with no friction against your lips.

Mouth feel

Nicely rounded edges towards the inside gives a nice fit.

More details

The cups are designed by the Italian architecture and design studio Matteo Thun & Partners in 2005 andĀ featured on their website. The company has also done some exciting works for Illy.

If you are looking to purchase the cups it's through Julius Meinl, and you can see the selection of cups in various colours and sizesĀ on their website.


The review was done in Firenze, Italy on 11 July 2019.

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