An Espresso serving where the cup has a great fit to the Espresso. Certain brands go for small and fat cups, where this is an example of a taller and more slim cup.

The smaller diameter leaves more depth to the crema as prefered by some. I am personally more to the less tall and slightly bigger surfaces of an Espresso.


A small cup can carry a special handle - and this is a very nice example where the handle is shaped with edges. This works very well for a solid 2-finger grip, which is enough to hold this small cup.


Espressos are short and don't work as long-drinks. Correspondingly, heat protection is less important, and the cup here does not offer the best heat prevention.


All in all a nice and smooth surface in line with what you normally expect from a cup from Cup & Saucer.

Mouth feel

The porcelain feels nice, yet I personally felt that the very small diameter of the cup made it almost too small for a pleasant drinking experience.

More details

The Sicafé espresso was served in another fine cup from Cup & Saucer from Portugal.


The review was done on 9 November 2019 at Le Virage in Martigny, Switzerland.

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