Double Espresso

A very destinct serving; a square saucer and a destinct handle to hold the cup.


A very large handle compared to the size of the cup, yet it proves to work well helping to protect your fingers against the warm surface. Absolutely approved for the 3-finger grip.


Although the double espresso did not fill up the cup, the surface felt warmer than what is ideal. This does suggest a somewhat poor insulation.


Smoothness of the porcelain is absolutely approved.

Mouth feel

As an espresso cup it is rather thin in the porcelain which is also felt when drinking from it.

More details

The cup is made by German company Schönwald, rooting it's history back to 1879 and today producing more than 40 mio pieces of porcelain per year. The have a wider range of porcelain products available at their website.


The review was done at Bistro Organic at Munich Airport, Germany on 19 July 2019.

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