Loveramics Egg


This is a very solid-looking cup with very destinct colors mixing red and a clear white with the brown colors of the coffee.


The handle is well proportioned to the size of the cup, and given the weight of the cup a 3-finger grip is needed. This works very well, as the handle is rather fat and contributes well to the solid impression of the cup.


Very thick walls helps keep the heat inside the cup and coffee, leaving no risk of burned fingers on the outside.


The surface is very smooth, and the borders between red and line are clear and in no way blurry.

Mouth feel

The thick walls of the cup offers a feeling of solid'ness when drinking from it.

More details

Loveramics is the manufacturer of this great cup.

The design is called 'egg', and was The Worlds Latte Art Championship Official Cup in Sweden, 2015.

This cup was a Christmas gift from my daughter at Christmas 2019, and the review was completed at home on 25 December 2019.

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