Loveramics Americano


A very characteristic cup, both in boldness and it's colour composition with green surfaces on the outside and white edges and inside of the cup.


A nice and wide handle offering a solid 3-finger grip on this very solid cup.


The cup has very thick walls which helps preserve the heat inside the cup, and avoid burned fingers on the outside.


A nice and smooth porcelain finish in the better end of the scale. A gentle rough-ness in the feel fits the design pretty well.

Mouth feel

Great thickness of the cheramics combined with the slightly rounded edge gives a great mouth feel, and the change of colour from green to white at the edge is not felt.

More details

Loveramics is the manufacturer of this great cup.

The design is called 'egg', and was The Worlds Latte Art Championship Official Cup in Sweden, 2015.


The review was done in Hamburg, Germany on 16 October 2019 at em Breakfast Club.

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