Lavazza Espresso


Here we are looking at a cup with character, and a close-to-perfect mouth feel and drinking experience.


Small cups don't always need big handles, and in this case we are somewhere in between. Not too big, not too small, yet bold and just big enough to go with a 3-finger grip even though Espressos usually works with 2-finger.


They've got it right here: The espresso is small enough to stay low in the cup, thus not leaving too large a surface for the heat to escape. And the cup didn't feel too hot, indicating a good insulation.


White. Smooth. Porcelain. This felt like a thick layer of porcelain outside the inner cheramics, leaving an impression of high quality.

Mouth feel

The top of the cup is very well rounded giving an almost perfect mouth feel.

More details

At this point we have not been able to identify the manufacturer of these cups from the logo (let us know if you know something!), but Lavazza has a range of their cups for sale at their website.


The review was done at Beercode at Firenze Airport, Italy on 19 July 2019.

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