Lavazza – Cappuccino size


This cup is a mixture of classics and character; straight lines from top to bottom, and a genuine expression of quality.


Given the weight of the cappuccino and the cup, we are looking for a handle suitable for the 3-finger grip for everyone. The whole in the handle is to the small side, yet compensated by very good support for the 3rd finger at the bottom of the handle.


A thick cheramics and porcelain often indicates good insulation, which is also the case here: No problem with heat, and the design of the handle helps keep your fingers of the outside of the cup anyway.


White. Smooth. Porcelain. This felt like a thick layer of porcelain outside the inner cheramics, leaving an impression of high quality.

Mouth feel

The top of the cup is very well rounded giving a very good mouth feel.

More details

The cups are designed and produced by Cup & Saucer from Portugal. Cup & Saucer is specialized in one thing: Coffee cups and saucers, and have massive experience in designing cups. The belong to SPAL Portugal, a group of companies specialized in cheramics and porcelain.

We have not found this exact cup for sale anywhere online, but Lavazza has a range of cups for sale at their website.


The review was done at Beercode at Firenze Airport, Italy on 19 July 2019.

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