Illy – Espresso

An icon amongst coffee cups


A small, fat handle for a small cup. Where small handles can be an issue for larger cups, it does work for this cup, the reason being that you can hold the cup with just 2 fingers with no need for supporting the handle and cup with your middle finger.


The cup felt rather warm on the surface, beyond what was comfortable to hold. Despite this heat loss through the surface of the cup, the coffee remained hot long enough to enjoy it in full.


A nice and smooth white porcelain with the logo placed well below the area touching your lips and thus not disturbing the drinking experience.

Mouth feel

The edges are curved slightly towards the center of the cup, giving a rather good mouth fit for your upper lip.

More details

Illy has a long history of working closely with the Italian architecture and design studio Matteo Thun & Partners, who designed this original Illy cup.

The cups - and other accessories - are available from Illy's online store.


The review was done at Cafe Melloni, Via De Bardi 74/R, Firenze, Italy on 11 July 2019.

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