Here we enjoy a good Espresso served in a nice cup from the legendary Finnish design company Iittala.


Despite being a rather small cup just for an Espresso, the cup offers a well proportioned handle just big enough for a good 3-finger grip. The whole is big enough for the finger, yet the handle does not destroy the harmony of the cup.


Although not the most fat porcelain seen, the cup offers a good heat protection.


Massively decorated and with solid contrasts between the black and white, the surface is still smooth and suggesting a high quality of the cup and saucer.

Mouth feel

The well rounded cup with equal thickness feels good, while some may prefer a slightly thicker porcelain to make it perfect.

More details

Established as a glass factory in 1881 in the city of Iittala, Finland, Iittala offers a wide range of interior design and drinking- and dining products from the philosophy that their design should be long-lasting, proven by some of their design having been around for some 80 years.

The cup is the Taika Espresso Cup designed by Heikki Orvola with decoration by Klaus Haapaniemi. The cup is available in various sizes from the Iittala shop.


I enjoyed this nice cup of good coffee on 10 February 2020 at the Cafebar21 in Rovaniemi, Finland - the home town of Santa Claus according to local beliefs. Rovaniemi and Santa Claus village is situated at the Artic Circle.

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