This cup is a very classic, solid and yet characteristic with it's large saucer and wide handle, altogether providing a sense of quality and honesty.


The handle is rather wide, and leaves good room for finger to slide in and hold the cup with a 3-finger grip, and it feels very natural.


Adding to the expression of quality is also the thickness of the cup, helping to avoid burning your fingers.


All white in a very smooth surface.

More details

The cup is the '1000 Cup' by Norwegian porcelain producer Figgjo, who has been producing porcelain since 1944, all produced in Norway. The cup is designed by the Norwegian designer Olav Joa,  born 19 March 1942 and retired himself in 2011.

The review was done on 27 July 2020 at Hjerting Badehotel, a few meters from the beach and the sea in the western part of Denmark.


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