Café Mokamag

Double Espresso

A large cup for a double espresso with a wide an open surface on top leaving the crema to flaten out more than usual.


Rather large handle for a coffee cup with plenty of space to get your finger through and get a good 3-finger grip.


The porcelain was in the thin end of the scale leaving the surface at the bottom of the cup rather warm, and combined with the large surface of the coffee the entire insulation of heat provided by the cup was too little and cause the coffee to cool down too quickly.


The porcelain surface was acceptable.

Mouth feel

The ceramic decoration patterns at the top of the cup leaves a very different mouth feel than a plain cup. The decoration creates a sort of place holder for your lip and works as such although the uneven surface of the patterns disturb the drinking experience.

More details

At this point we have not been able to find more details on the cup, nor the name printed on it.


The review was done at Bar la Torri, Piazza del Duomo, San Gimignano, Italy on 14 July 2019.

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