Bing & Grøndahl

Drip filter

A very old, elegant, and fine porcelain coffee cup and saucer in thin porcelain and with golden edges. The serving leaves an impression of elegance and exclusivity belonging to fine dining in the old days - yet in a modern context.


The cup offers a rather small handle not big enough to put your finger through the whole. This leaves you to do a 2-finger grip, which is difficult due to the size of the cup and thereby overall weight when the cup is full. Alternatively a 3-finger grip, which can be rather painfull as the heat on the outside of the cup is rather strong.


The porcelain is very thin with limited insulation effect, and the cup feel too hot on the outside.


Structures in the surface and with gold on the edges.

Mouth feel

An absolutely fine mouth feel: The thin porcelain suits a drip filter serving pretty well.

More details

Bing & Grøndahl was a Danish porcelain factory established in 1853. Some 134 years later in 1987, Bing & Grøndahl was merged with another Danish company - the Royal Porcelain Factory, and altogether they became the famous Royal Copenhagen.

This cup and saucher is no longer in production, and only to be found at antique dealers.


The review was done in Fredericia, Denmark, on 24 August 2019.

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